Will Timeline improve enough to replace Instagantt in the near future?


The new timeline feature is a great addition but falls well short of Instagantts capabilities.

Is there any indication of if or when the following features will be added to allow project management to take place on one platform, instead of jumping between Instagantt and Asana?

  • User workload (hour allocation per day or week) for each project and task
  • Tracking project progress and/or time tracking of each task

Capacity planning is a significant need for any team working on multiple projects and Instagantt is the only tool that supports this currently. When will Asana add workload and project progress features?


ping @danielguajardok, Instagantt founder


Hey Guys,

I’m not sure if this is ever going to happen (or when) in Asana. Not sure if I can help here :frowning:


We are attempting to model external resources (non-Asana users) with the internal project management team. Essentially outside vendors impact internal project workflow, and we need the ability to account for that. Timeline falls short on this big time.
Does Instagantt provide such capability?


Did you think of creating accounts for them they will never see/use?


I get billed per seat in my plan. What am I missing? The only thing we have come up with is to create tasks and not have them assigned to anyone in particular, but that presents issues of understanding what task is who’s. (e.g., electrician, plumber, engineer)


Mhickey, we haven’t started using gantcharts yet but i’m keen to learn how. If you have time to do a knowledge swap, I’d love to learn how you do it and also potentially work with some of my development team to bring these features you want into Asana, I’ve been a really aggressive asana user, we’ve got several features such as commenting to emails (Our team doesn’t leave asana to send or recieve email) and bank account reconciliations and all company transactions in Asana (extremely efficient), which I’d love to share as well if that helps you.

I’m darren@crowne-law.com anytime.


Instagantt does solve for this with Virtual Users.