Is it possible to add widgets into Asana itself? Specifically additional blocks on the task view?

No - Asana’s API is strictly data-based; there’s no UI functionality available.

Having said that, some people have written unofficial Chrome and/or Firefox extensions that hook into Asana’s UI. Asana does not recommend doing that, as any change or tweak to their UI could potentially break such an extension, but some have done it. The most notable example I’m aware of is Asana Navigator which is pretty darn cool IMO (it’s not a widget, though).

Thanks a lot for the reply. It’s really good idea to create browser extension.
Just curious does Asana have any kind of user voice to vote for the feature?
I was asking because e.g. we want to add binding to custom code repository with ability to view diff for specific files which can be implemented with widget. Also jira and azure devops provide such extensibility.

For non-developer requests, the Product Feedback section here on the forum is the Asana equivalent of a UserVoice.

But the Asana API team doesn’t really frequent that section or anything beyond this API section, so your best best is just to post a more formal request here.in this section.

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