Why would a task with a due date show in the Project calendar but not in the "My Tasks" calendar?

I have created a repeating task and it shows in the Project under both lists and calendars. However, it doesn’t show in my InBox or My Tasks. I keep missing tasks.

Welcome, @Karen_Garrattley,

Tasks only appear in My Tasks if you are the Assignee of the task.

Notifications appear in Inbox for certain update actions made by others to tasks for which you are Assignee or Collaborator or a Project Member. Generally, actions you yourself take will not appear in your Inbox; only in others’ Inboxes.

Hope that helps,



Thanks for taking the time to respond. I created the task for myself. I’ve recreated the task, completing exactly the same fields, and it has worked fine, so there must be a blip somewhere with the original one.

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