Why when you use tab+p a duplicated task is created?



I found some workarounds here to get my subtasks added to project.
But then everytime I press tab+p , a duplicate task is created. Why is that and how to prevent this?


When a subtask is added to the project via Tab+P then it appears in the main panel of the project, as does the parent task. Is this what is happening or do you really have the same task (title, …) ?


Yes, it is you are right. I find it confusing, but it actually makes sense.


Ok, if you want you can find more info on subtasks in this interesting post:
To Subtask or not to Subtask?


I am confused. Tab+P is used to add a new project to the task. So the task indeed exists in several projects, but that stays the same task, not a duplicate… Isn’t it?


Yes @Bastien_Siebman you’re right concerning tasks, but actually we were discussing about subtasks :wink:
When you create a subtask, the subtask doesn’t inherit the parent task’s info, then the subtask does not belong to the project. Thus, if you Tab+P, the subtask now belong to the project, and appears in the main list of tasks of the project. Finally in the list you have the parent task, but also the subtask, and this can be confusing.


I get it now, thanks!