Why personal projects can not use tags?



I really need tags to manage my personal projects .


Thanks for the feedback. Personal Projects are set up uniquely on the backend in a way that doesn’t allow for tags since tags are universal.

If you need additional structure for your projects or tasks such as dashboards or tags, I’d recommend building this out in your Organization or in a separate Workspace to use that functionality.


Are you saying we can add tags at the project level, but only for projects in the primary org?

How can I add tags to a project?


I would like to join maomaoliang - this is a very painful product gap. I abandoned Asana because of this. Now I’m trying again, but if this is not added, I don’t think I can use it.


Remember that you can just make a new workspace with your personal email address, which basically becomes a fully functional Personal Projects workspace with a different name. So there’s no reason to leave Asana over this, since the functionality is there but just in a different place.


Thanks Craig_Fifer - it’s true, but for some reason I do have advanced search in my work and personal spaces, but not in a new ‘custom’ space I’m creating. I heavily rely on advanced search, so that’s unfortunately not a solution for me.


oook, so is there a way to simply move the project from one space to another to start using those features?


Advanced search is a Premium feature. If your work organization is Premium, maybe your Personal Projects gets Advanced Search, too. I’m not sure, because I removed myself from Personal Project when I created my personal workspace, and now I’m not sure I can get back to it.


You can use https://asana.kothar.net/ to move projects between organizations and workspaces. All the tasks you want to move must be in projects (not “loose” in My Tasks with no project).


You can also (ab)use Projects as Tags.

I’m using the free version of Asana, and just like @Luca_Simon I need the Advanced Search.
The “Personal Projects” workspace allows for Advanced Search, and does not allow Tags; for the other workspaces it’s vice versa.

I’ve created Projects to serve as regular projects, and extra Projects to serve as tags. So every task can have both a ‘project’-project and a ‘tag’-project (or more, of course). All my tag-projects have a blue highlight-colour to easily recognise them as tags.