Why is Azure AD login only available to Enterprise?

I’m curious as to why Azure AD logins are only available in Enterprise level accounts. This makes it nearly impossible for small to medium size businesses to leverage when particularly small teams like 15 or so are using Asana. Many other SaaS providers provide this for no additional charge and isn’t restricted to the highest pricing tier. Would really like to understand why.

Are you really wondering why? To me that seems quite obvious: to get you to upgrade to Enterprise :sweat_smile:

Yeah :smile: but it does isolate some. Had I had a say in the decision process, I probably would have suggested another tool.

Well looks like maybe some other popular tools expect you too get into Enterprise. At least with Trello you can add it on regardless of package for $4/month/user :man_shrugging:

I believe comparing with other tools is not really relevant, they target different audiences, have different sizes… but I understand the frustration.