Why does the asana/salesforce intergrator always get added to tasks that are created via process builder and how do I get around it?

I have currently set up processes in salesforce that launch boards and tasks at specific stages of opportunities. They are working great but since it is my email attaching asana & salesforce I am added as a collaborator on EVERY task… Has anyone else run into this issue? If I am missing something please let me know!!

You can turn off email notifications and use the Asana inbox


I’m fairly new to Asana so I’m not sure the answer to this, but wouldn’t being a collaborator on every single task mean that every update to those tasks comes to your Asana inbox, whether or not you’ve set email notifications on or off?

Hey @Greg_Ley yes that is correct.

You can amend the notifications for each project and also for tasks it depends for which you need updates for and for which not. So let’s say you create a task and somebody else needs to work on something then you would add this person as follower and later when no longer needed they can leave or you remove them to avoid them getting further notifications for stuff they don’t need.

We constantly remind people in our company also to leave tasks they do not need updates on.

However even if you are added to a lot of tasks you do not really need updates on when using the Asana inbox you can filter it :slight_smile:
So you can select to only see tasks assigned to you, tasks where you have been mentioned directly, tasks assigned by you, or all :slight_smile:

Hope that helps

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Very helpful @Andrea_Mayer, thanks for the clarity! :pray:t2:

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