why does my Asana board keep defaulting the view to one assignee whenever I open it

Anytime I open the Asana tab, it pops up with my Kanban board in a filtered view of one of the assignee’s. Apparently this is happening for other team members in the tool. Why does it filter to just this assignee and how do I unsort this permanent filter? I’d like all of the tasks for every member open on the board when we open the tool. Weird since I didn’t save a customized filter or anything…

Hey @Emily_Michel and welcome to the community forum :wave:

Anyone who has access to the project can save a default view: Overview of Asana views options | Product guides • Asana

You might want to check with this team member to ask them if they always save their view as default view?
And if so advice them to rather use My Tasks to organize their own tasks :slight_smile:

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