Why do @mentions now default to the task rather than the person




How can I change the default back to selecting the person @mentioned rather than the first task the person is mentioned in the title for?

When I type @name it shows the person at the top of the list but preselects the first task the person is named in instead. This is very frustrating.



Hi Dave - Are you still seeing this? I’m not able to reproduce this issue on my end, so I wonder if what you saw was a bug or a test we had going on. Keep me posted!


Hi there!

I’d also recommend clearing your cache just in case your Asana is encountering any browser related wonkiness.


Hi Alexis

I have worked out the problem and can see what is happening. as i click on the converation box, if i click on the first bit of the box [on the left], lets say the first 15% then i can easily @mention someone by typing @firstname, hitting return and moving on. But if I click any further right in the intial conversation box, as it expands the mouse position is now in the same area the type-agead box appears in so it auto selects the third item in the list.

So, if I type @firstname for one of my team members then hit enter, which seems to be the natural way to do it, I get the third option.

I made a video to explain. First I click to the left, then I click to the right.



Hi Dave! Thank you so much for making these videos. These are always helpful to see. Unfortunately I am unable to view them in either of my browsers, though. Feel free to resend the videos in a new format or instead include screenshots.


Hi @Dave_Deveny
I don’t know if you still have this issue. I was scratching my head as well, but then I realised that my issue was caused by where my mouse was. I was clicking on the comment area and started writing; When the dropdown appears, the mouse icon was lower than the user name and the focus went on a task and not the username.
What I do now is simple: I click on the comment area and move the mouse away from it, then I start writing, and it seems everything works just fine…