Why can't I add a tag to my task?



Did this issue ever get resolved? I’m having the same issue- trying to type a new Tag into the Tag box does not create a prompt to ‘Add’ it to my Tag bank. Same as the above image- a tiny little grey rectangle below the attempted Tag but it looks like it’s failing to Expand down the ‘Add Tag’ menu item.


Hi @David_Schneider,

Some of these issues are resolved, bit there are different issues in this thread; for example, Justin issue (just above) was related to the fact that he was trying to create a tag in his Personal Project space; tags aren’t available with Personal Project, which explained the issue.

The problem you’re running into seems to be different, can you please confirm if you’re having the same trouble when logging from an incognito/private window? If so, could you please send me a screenshot?

Looking forward to your reply!


I may be missing something, but I can no longer assign tags to my tasks. My previously assigned tags are still there, but I don’t see the tag/label icon in the detail section when I click on a task.

Any ideas?

Tag option unavailable?

SImple question,

in the past, Asana had the tags … but I restart to use Asana in the basic version and … it’s gone
So we need now the premium version to use tag ???


Hi @Peter8 and @Nicolas_Rosenfeld - Are you using personal projects? In an ordinary project, the tag option should be visible when you click the three dots menu (pictured in screenshot).


@Peter8 You should be able to find it by clicking on the three dot icon “…” and then selecting “Tags” from there. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “Tab + T” to add a tag. Hope this helps!

Can't Find Tags

Thank you. That did the trick.


It was moved into the 3 dot menu. Vs being at the top of the task.
Most frustrating is you can’t see the resulting tags until you’re at the bottom of the description. If you have a long description the tags get lost.


Hi @Michael_B - If you’re concerned about the sense of tags being lost, then maybe you’d be interested in using custom fields as an alternative! :slight_smile:


We love tags and we love custom fields both. But tags are far more powerful to sort tasks into non project groupings. Are you inferring that tags are going away? Bummer about the fact tags are taking a backseat in the new design. Look forward to your long term insight on the future of tags.


Hi Michael! Nope, wasn’t suggesting that tags are going away, was instead suggesting an alternate solution that might work more efficiently based on your interests and workflows. By all means, if tags work for you, more power to you!


Thanks again for the workaround to the fact the redesign puts lower importance on tags. We’ll do our best to work around the movement of tags in the UI. Hopefully some are finding the UI design helpful. We certainly think it is a step backwards and a bit to the side. Something like the backwards splits. A new Asana dance move. ha.


@Alexis & @Peter8

I just tested Asana with a new fresh account … and the tags are available.
So it’s an ASANA Bugs with old profiles (I created my Asana profile around 7 years ago, when Asana was a tiny company :wink: ). :disappointed_relieved: the early adopters are forgotten :wink:


Sorry to re-open this but for some reason I have tags on certina workspaces, but not on others. Would be great if you could shed some light on the differences and how I can convert so all will have Tags.

(I am using the free version and not part of any organisation)

Many thanks


I realized from one of the earlier answers that it was happening on my first workspace that I created years ago, which doesn’t have the Tag function.

My fix was to create a new workspace and copy all my tasks over into the new workspace with this helpful API: https://asana.kothar.net/

I had to go in and clean up the new workspace, but it now has the Tag functionality.


Thanks for the link. Saved me some tedious work copying tasks over.


I’ve confirmed that I am not working in a personal project, i’ve used the shortcut Tab-T and also checked the three dots and I do not have access to tags anymore.

Am I missing something?


That does sound strange @Chris_Abbey. I’ve just DM you to help you troubleshoot this issue further!


Same here.


Hi @Brett and thanks for reaching out! Let’s see if we can help!

  1. Can you please send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing when trying to add a tag? (make sure to include your full browser window and to block out any private information)

  2. What do you see in the “…” task menu?

  3. Can you confirm you’re not working in your Personal Project space?