Why can't I add a tag to my task?



Did this issue ever get resolved? I’m having the same issue- trying to type a new Tag into the Tag box does not create a prompt to ‘Add’ it to my Tag bank. Same as the above image- a tiny little grey rectangle below the attempted Tag but it looks like it’s failing to Expand down the ‘Add Tag’ menu item.


Hi @David_Schneider,

Some of these issues are resolved, bit there are different issues in this thread; for example, Justin issue (just above) was related to the fact that he was trying to create a tag in his Personal Project space; tags aren’t available with Personal Project, which explained the issue.

The problem you’re running into seems to be different, can you please confirm if you’re having the same trouble when logging from an incognito/private window? If so, could you please send me a screenshot?

Looking forward to your reply!