Why are there Admins and Project Owners


Why is Asana so open with no permissions? I am an admin and the “owner” of a number of projects. I see very little that only the admin can do. Anyone in the Org can invite someone else in the org. This essentially adds a new seat for billing and that user may not have permission to make that decision.

As a Project Owner you would think that someone could not just go in and DELETE my Project. But YES, anyone in MY Project can just delete it and then I have to ask THEM if I want MY project restored.

Why have an “Owner” or an “Admin” if they have no extra control???


I think this is essentially an incentive to upgrade the organization. Free organizations consist of people with the same domain name in their email addresses (i.e. company.com), but there’s no administrator for the entire organization. This means anyone can declare themselves the administrator as long as they’re willing to pay. The flipside, though – the advantage to us – is that an individual team can decide whether to upgrade to premium without all the other teams/users having to pay. This is an enormous cost savings for large organizations with varying levels of need for Asana throughout.

If you upgrade an organization or team, you have control over which paid seats are added because you have to invite or approve them.

Whether you have a premium or free organization or team, the only people who can view/edit/delete your stuff are the members of the organization, team, or project. It would be nice if certain members of projects could have more access control than others – right now the model is based a little too much on trust. But at least the members of the project are all colleagues who know each other – there’s no way for a stranger to gain access unless a member lets them.


I have upgraded to Premium. I am not trying to use Asana for free. This is even more reason to have control. I am now a paying customer.

One of my Org members invited someone who I was not ready to invite. In my mind this should not have been able to happen. They are not an admin and they do not have the authority to add a paid seat, yet they were able to do it.

The model is way too much on trust. Not just anyone should be able to go around deleting projects. To “Own” something means it’s yours and you possess it. Maybe Asana should call it the Project “Creator” instead of “Owner”. “Owner” implies I have some control over the thing that is “Owned”, with Asana I do not.

It is not clear to me, does the Enterprise version provide more control over these things?


Did you upgrade your organization, or just a team?


How can I tell? It looks like I have upgraded my Org to Premium