Why are the default reports unremovable?

Why are the default reports unremovable? I don’t use them and think the sidebar might look cleaner if they were removed.

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Hi @nathan.g,

You’re completely right, as it stands it’s not possible to remove the default reports from your left sidebar. I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback to allow other users to vote for this request!

If not removable, they should be editable.

The default ‘Tasks I’ve Assigned to Others’ shows completed and incomplete tasks when I simply want to see those tasks I’ve assigned which are not yet marked complete.

As a result, I have to create a new search/report just filter out completed tasks and then save it to the reports sidebar, which clutters up the view.


It doesn’t look like this is a popular request, probably because it is relatively minor. But it really would be nice. That is valuable real-estate and if users have some of their own Custom Reports saved, it starts to get full and bump other valuable things down.

I’m curious why these 3 reports are forced on all users and we can’t remove them…?

I have found a solution.

  1. Install the CSS user extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user-css/okpjlejfhacmgjkmknjhadmkdbcldfcb

  2. Open Asana, click the extension and add the following:

    .SidebarReportsItemRow {
    display: none;

  3. Done!

By the way, you can use this extension basically to change the whole appearance of Asana. I have fixed some other issues as well which I had with the interface.

For instance, this code adds readability to the headers in the sidebar for me:

.SidebarCollapsibleHeader {
    color: #FF9900;

.SidebarCollapsibleHeader:hover .SidebarCollapsibleHeader-name, .SidebarCollapsibleHeader:focus .SidebarCollapsibleHeader-name {
    color: #FFBB00;