Why are Asana links fully expanding?



Having this problem with only one user, but Kristin is a main user so it happens regularly and is quite annoying. I’ve asked about this before but no resolution. When Kristin receives an email notification from Asana about a task, that notification has links to Asana in it and when she receives the email the links look normal, they show the task name in blue link format as you would expect. When she then hits reply to the notification and her response posts back into Asana as a comment, a weird thing happens at that point. All the links that were in the notification she received appear fully expanded as alphanumeric, and not as the task name. I’ve attached a picture of the comment thread in Asana showing her post and the expanded links. Why is this happening and how do we stop it? She is using gmail email account retrieved through MS Outlook as her email client. I am not aware of any setting in Outlook or gmail which would cause this to happen. Appreciate any guidance.


Have you checked with support@asana.com. I think this is your best bet