Why am I an automatic project member?

When members of my group add a new public project to our workspace, I am automatically added as a member. Why is this happening and how do I change it?

Hi @Brie_Chapa,

You should be able to access all public projects in the Workspace you’re a member, but not automatically be added as a member.

When you’re a member in a project your picture will appear on the right side of the project name in the main pane. Can you please confirm if your picture appears for you in all projects in your Workspace?

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@Brie_Chapa, Is there any chance those projects are created from Templates you created or where you happen to be a member?

I believe that would cause you to become a member by default.

Same for Duplicate Project… with the Members checkbox checked if you’re already a member.

Hope that might help,



It does.