Why am I all of sudden seeing a GUEST label next to peoples names?

Why am I all of sudden seeing a GUEST label next to certain people’s names? As of last week this has been happening, is there a way to turn it off and go back to how it was before?

Hello @Simon_Briscoe, that was just launched. Previously this icon :globe_with_meridians: indicated that they are External Guests which has now been amended so it is clearer.

At this stage you cannot disable it.

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Ok, thanks Andrea. It might be clearer but it’s also adding a lot of unnecessary visual noise IMO. The interface is already very busy. I think the way are admin set up Asana is wrong because everyone except them is now a guest, when in fact we are all team members.

Yeah I get you. It is very prominent now.
I guess they have done this to just make it a lot clearer who guest users are to avoid sharing confidential info and adding them to tasks/projects they should not be added to.

Not sure if Asana will consider removing this again however they always monitor the forum and listen to customer feedback so they might make further changes.

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This is definitely the reason in my opinion as well.


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