Who is in the assignee list?


I use the free version. I’ve got two teams and there are different persons in the teams. In the assignee list of a task of team 1 people from team 2 appear. Why is that? Can I change that?


Hi @Emile_Schenk

Just to clarify, are you wondering why it’s possible to assign tasks in Team 1 to members of Team 2? If so, I assume it’s because you’re all part of the same organisation.

My team is invitation only, but I can still assign tasks to people from other teams in my organisation. They would only be able to see the task I assigned, and not the rest of the project.

Does that help?


I suppose in the free version there is just 1 organisation?
I can add team members to a project. I don’t understand why I can assign a task of a project to people that are not a member of this project. This does not make any sense to me.