Who Can Create Custom Fields?




I’ve been added to an organization that is on ‘Premium Trial’, and I’m trying to create custom fields. I can’t seem to find the option. This is a feature I’m used to using with my own asana organization. However, I actually own that outright for my agency.

To create custom fields, do you need to be the sole owner who actually paid for the asana account?



There are multiple places, but the easiest place to find it is the dropdown next to the project name. Otherwise, when you are in list mode, you can see it in the dropdown for the filter icon.


Hi! Thanks for the help!

See i’m not seeing that at all!


Could it be this whole trial thing?



There are permissions, so I’m not sure what your permission level is. First, are you logged in with a “roadwaymoving.com” email, or were you invited with another email?

From Asana: “Organization Guests (those that do not have a company email address) cannot modify a project’s custom fields”

Also if the project is private, you may not have the proper access to do it. Check with the person running your trial on what access you have.


Ahhh well that explains it then! My email address is from their company email. So that makes sense!

I wonder if there is a way around this.


Sorry, did you mean to say IS or ISN’T? Because if you are on the same email domain, then you should be able to add custom fields. At least from what I can tell.


Hey @Brandon_Grimes :wave:

You’re correct. As a guest in the premium space, you are able to adjust custom fields if a full member has applied them to a Project, however only full members of premium spaces are able to create, manage & edit custom fields.

In order to be a full member of a space, you must register an email address in Asana that is associated with that Organization; using your example, with @roadwaymoving.com

Hope this helps!


I followed this conversation, I have the same problem. And my email is not the one of the organization, and also the owner of the project is not always around to bother for some things like adding custom fields. I am sorry but I don’t get why there is a permission level for adding customer fields. I would like to add them now, right away. You should overthink this model of permission…its making tools like this just more complicated.