Which time tracking tool also uses the asana 'hours' field

I want to use the ‘workload feature’ in asana which uses the ‘hours’ field. Alot of the time tracking integrations don’t seem to use that field. So we’d have to enter our hours twice. Once into asna hours and another into time tracking hours integration field.
Does anyone know which time tracking tool uses the hours asna field?

Hi @danny_hearn, thanks for reaching out :wave:t2:

You might find some of the suggestions on this thread helpful:

I hope you find a time-tracking tools that suits you and your team! :slight_smile:

@danny_hearn We use Everhour and they have this functionality. You just have to rename “hours” to “estimates” Here is a link to the integration.

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Hmm. How does this work out for your teams?
Do you find it helpful?

We’ve been using points, but I think Estimates would be helpful to have in place for metrics.

Thanks @Paul_Grobler , So can you have estimates and hours?

In the link you sent it says you have to create a new custom field called estimates and not rename hours?

I found that Everhour just looks for a custom field called “Estimate” and then map it to the estimate in Everhour. So yes, you can have “Estimate” as a custom field and hours as a different one if you need it. I just started to use the one and named it “Estimate”
Hope it helps


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