Which Custom Field is available in Which Projects



Hi all,

Is there a way to easily tell which Projects a specific Custom Field has been added to?

Reason for the question is that I am about to add a value for a drop down box. The couple of project I know this field belongs to it make sense to add it but what about the other projects that I have that use the field that I can’t think of now…

Hopefully this is something that I can do…




Hi @Jason_Woods :wave:t3:

I have a solution, but it involves a little bit of manual work!

Run an Advanced Search for the custom field in question (See screenshot) > This will automatically pull out all tasks where this custom field was applied
Sort your search results by projects to easily identify which Project contains this custom field

No ideal (especially if you have a loads of tasks), but this should work :slight_smile:


Cool thanks @Marie… Didn’t even think about using reports…