Where to post ideas on the project




In Asana there is a section “Conversations”. There you can suggest topics for discussion.

But if there are personal ideas, thoughts on the project. Where can they be stored? Section Conversations for public discussions?

Please share your thoughts.


Hi @Zhan_Mukataev each project has a conversation section why not use that for Project Conversation’s.
The Team Conversation area can be used as more of a conversation area for discussion about new ideas/projects.



Hi Zhan,

In each project we have a section task dedicated to information regarding the project, labeled [Project Description]. In this space we put files, documentation…anything that the team needs to read to get familiar with the project. You could create a similar space for [Ideas for Discussion] or [Project Thoughts]. In that task you could use the conversation section to add thoughts by the team members so you can either communicate in Asana with the team or use for a meeting. You could also add a Section called [Ideas for Discussion] and you could use tasks to create topics or ideas. Then use that section to drive discussion in meetings. Either would work well. We’ve done the latter for projects that we use for meeting agendas. We just add topics for discussion as tasks.

Hope that helps,