Where Is Storage and Document Collaboration Going For Business


I would appreciate all feedback on where corporate storage and its associated document collaboration is headed. There have been questions on HIPPA, https://www.skyhighnetworks.com/cloud-security-blog/top-5-hipaa-compliant-cloud-storage-services/

But how are corporate users extensively using the various Asana Options of:
A. My Computer
B. Dropbox
C. Google Drive
D. Box
E. OneDrive

Actual use comments would be great. In addition, are corporate IT departments adopting the cloud options versus for instance a SharePoint drive. Microsoft seems to have one foot in OneDrive and another in SharePoint. I know that SharePoint has a few overlays that attempted collaboration but I have never heard someone using it equivalent to Asana but more as a shared storage tool. Will SharePoint go by the wayside. From other posts it appears Asana does not allow attachment from SharePoint files. Thanks in advance for the feedback.