Where do Clients fit in?


I recently joined a law firm that’s using Asana for project management. They only recently implemented Asana, and have not done much set up.

Currently, they have a project for each client. However, we do a lot of different things for clients - things that should be projects on their own. I would like set up project templates for the different services we provide to clients, such as “Prepare Will,” “Prepare Lifetime Trust,” and “Set up Single Member LLC.” So each of those should be a project for a specific client. But if we are using a single generic Project for each client, how do I handle the specific project templates I want to create and reuse for different clients?



Welcome, @Tom_RuBane,

Or you might want to use Task Templates. It depends on a number of factors.

To proceed on your own, you might find this useful:

But if you’re generally using Asana throughout a law firm and haven’t really gone through a process to determine how, well, that’s what I and others do for a living, so you might want to consider a consult.

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Thank you, @lpb

I’ll review the tutorial you suggested. I’ve been going through some of the courses already.

I guess my feeling, so far, is that there is a level missing in Asana for managing multiple projects for a single client, and that therefore a Client Project is not the best approach. Should we look at making a Project Portfolio for each client, and create projects in the portfolio as needed?


Re Portfolio for each client: That’s one of a number of possibilities but I can’t say that’s the best option necessarily. It would force you 1) to have a project for each endeavor for each client and it’s not clear that’s needed, and 2) it requires Asana Business which you might otherwise not need.

Another alternative I often use is what I hint at here, but again this is something I reserve for clients because the right approach for each can only be determined with some discovery first:


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