Where did my form go?

I had a form in my project that is now suddenly gone. If someone accidentally deletes a form, where does it go and how can I recover it?

Is there a way that Forms aren’t part of an entire project tab but instead their own tab that you can think provide links to in the project they are needed? Or a way to lock forms so someone can’t accidentally delete it?

I appreciate any insight to the issue.


Hi @Olive :wave:

In order to fully understand this issue could you please confirm if it is here where you are clicking to access the form?

If you access your Project and go to the Form tab, are you able to find the Form?

Looking forward to your reply!

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Correct @Natalia, I’m clicking the “Forms” tab to try and access my previous form. Side note, the tab name is misleading since you can only create and access a single Form.

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Thanks for the feedback about the “Forms” name; I’ve gone ahead and escalated it to the Team!

Hi @Olive and thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately, it is no possible to recover the Form from our end. I apologize for that.

I would recommend to create the Form again and make sure to change the permission settings of the project to comment only. That way the Project Members won’t be able to edit it or delete it.

Please, learn how to change the permission settings of the Project to comment only in the following article: https://asana.com/guide/help/permissions/user-permissions

Hope this helps! Have a nice Tuesday!

Thank you @Natalia unfortunately changing the project to comment only isn’t really an option for collaborative purposes. I think my workaround will be to build the form in another project and share the link out from there.

I would highly recommend a change to the form system that allows us to store/archive them somewhere. Nothing we make in Asana should be able to just be deleted never to be recovered again. It would also be nice if we could make more than one form per project.

Thank you again for looking into my issue. I look forward to seeing where Asana takes the Forms option. Hopefully this is not it.