Where can I find the Asana Forms tab? (2021 update)

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I don’t know what happened. But, I can’t seem to locate the “Forms” tab when creating Asana Forms. Did it move someplace else?

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Yes, @J.P_Altamirano, it’s moved:


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Thank you for this! Now I found its new location haha :bowing_man:


Seeing it has moved but the Add Form functionality is unavailable/grayed out since that update (Premium user). Ideas on troubleshooting beyond checking permissions?

Solved: Premium accounts can only have 1 form per project it seems.

It’s not related to Premium: a project can only have one form attached to it, at any Asana subscription level.

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Do you already have a form in that project? You’re only allowed one. Does yours look like this:


Note “Asana LB: Scratch3” under Forms is the name of my form. If you have an entry there, that explains it. You can hover that box and click to edit.


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Thank you for that insight.

With such a limitation as 1 form per project, I wonder if the Enterprise level (or higher) custom branching functionality allows for different form screens to be presented based on the user’s selections in the form.

Does anyone know?

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Yes, both Business and Enterprise form branching allow the single form to serve multiple purposes based on answers to form questions.

Also, you with the same plans you can use rules to re-home or multi-home form submissions to a main project working around the limitation in another manner.


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