Where can a user view tasks from a private project when they are not a project member

When a user is added as a follower to a task that is in a private project (which they are not a member of) how can they see the task?

The user may receive an email (depending upon their notification settings?) and the task appears in their Asana Inbox but if they delete/dismiss these two notifications there appears to be nowhere to see the task in their account - how can they get back to the task?

  • The task does not appear in the user’s MyTasks, because it is not assigned to them.
  • The project does not appear in the left hand menu, because it is a private project (we do not want to add the user as a project member as they should not have visibility of the other tasks in the project).

Users whom we invite in this manner are usually not experienced in Asana and it is not feasible to have them, or our staff, invest significant time in training, just in order to interact with one or two tasks.

What is a simple way to find these tasks?

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Hi @Nadine40 I believe you can do a Advanced Search to see what tasks you are following. Would that work


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Hi @Nadine40! :wave:

That is an excellent question! If the users are in a Paid Plan they can run an Advanced Search for tasks followed by them. Please see image attached.
(If they remembers who add them as a follower, they can add this person as follower too to narrow your search.


Another option could be to look for the Notification in Inbox. A good workaround could be to create a follow-up task as soon as they get invited as followers and perhaps create a Project or Section to place all these follow-up tasks.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!


Thanks so much @Jason_Woods and @Natalia for the prompt responses.

I will keep Advanced Search in mind, but it may be too complex for beginner, limited-engagement, users. Likewise, follow up tasks would probably muddy the water as we risk them not interacting with the original task and it’s followers. This does seem to be something of a gap in the design.

I think I will just provide instructions on using Inbox - including looking in the archive folder in case they have dismissed the original message.

Thanks again.

For anyone interested in how this works for their users, below are some screenshots:
Home - no projects or teams visible:

MyTasks - no tasks visible (unless assigned to them)

Inbox - if the notifications have been archived

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I’ve just come across the easy solution I was looking for!

It’s the ‘All Items’ option under Favorites in the left menu (you might have to click ‘show more’ to see it).


Awesome glad you found a solution @Nadine40 and thanks for sharing to the community.



Well played @Nadine40! :clap::clap::clap:

Thank you for taking time to share it with us! :smiley:

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