When you change a task approval status to changes needed, the task disappears from the assigned person's list

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When we assign a task to someone, and we change the approval status to “changes requested”, the task then disappears from the assigned person’s list, even though this is not yet complete.

We’re finding this an issue, as the work is still yet to be done but the person doing it can no longer see this in their list. Ideally, when we change the approval status we still want this task to be showing in the assigned person’s list.

Steps to reproduce:

Create a task > Assign someone > (you can see it in their to-do list) > change the approval status to “changes requested” > now you cannot see the task in the assigned person’s list.

Browser version:
Google Chrome Version 99.0.4844.74 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Hi @Hannah_Halley – welcome to the Asana Community forum!

This isn’t a bug, this is how the feature was designed. I suggest using a custom field to achieve what you are looking for here.

Create a single select custom field with “Awaiting Approval, Changes Requested, Approved” as your fields, and make sure “notify collaborators when this field is changed” is turned on.

When utilizing this field sure that the Approver and the Contributor are collaborators of the task before the field is changed.

Hope this helps you get what you are looking for.


Thank you Christine :slight_smile:

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I recommend a different approach which resolves your problem, still allows you to use Approvals, doesn’t require a custom field to be added, maintains a better history/audit trail, and enables you to have multiple (levels of) approvals where needed:

Hope that helps,


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Hi @Hannah_Halley technically the task is complete as someone did do an approval. The deliverable cannot be complete as it was rejected. Multiple approvals may be needed to move the deliverable to complete.

As Larry suggested below, perhaps sub-tasks for approvals so you can add more as/if/when needed.

If you use the Tab + N function within subtasks, you can create a section just for approvals. Then each subsequent approval subtask can have a unique name. Approve V1, Approve V2, or whatever works for you.

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