When in list view, I want to hide certain columns only for me, but it changes for everyone?

My team lead created a new project and it defaults to list view with like every column under the sun being shown. Which means I need to scroll horizontally. I only care about like 3 columns. How can I hide the 10 other columns for only myself, and not for everyone?

Hello @Idle_Idle,

the default view in projects to which more people have access to automatically saves for everyone.

As a workaround you could create a project just for yourself and set up a rule in the main project to automatically multihome all tasks or only the ones you need in your project. Then you can set up everything in your separate board there as you wish.

Or you can also use the advanced search and dave the result as a project. For more info see: Using search & advanced search in Asana | Product guide • Asana

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Automatically multihome all tasks? Didn’t know that was a thing. I will look for that setting.

For example like this

And you can add additional triggers or actions :slight_smile:

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