When Converting Task to Template - Dependencies are lost??

We have complex interrelationships within our task and the best way to manage them is with a template with built-in dependencies that are automaticallly applied. Otherwise setting up the dependencies for hundreds of tasks take a LOT of time - It takes at least 5 mind-numbing minutes per task multiplied by 500 and now we are at 2500 minutes - hours to do this.

It wouldn’t be so bad (maybe) if we could have relative due dates for all of these as well - but we can’t do that either and that also takes a lot of time to set up for every task tree (we have task>6 subtasks, and a total of 8 sub-subtasks)… Between these serious weaknesses in functionality - we are spending a lot of unnecessary time to set these up.

We are not interested in adding another tooling integration at all. We feel that native asana should be able to handle this.

Is there any plan - or any other way to do this?

Hi @Stephanie_Pazniokas, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

Adding dependencies to task templates is a popular request and something our Product team is actively working on! While I don’t have any updates right now, I’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more! :slight_smile:

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