When clicking "complete" on a tasks assigned to someone else, they get a confusing email message


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When I click “complete” on a tasks assigned to someone else, they get a confusing email message–need to adjust that email notification for clarity.

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I sometimes go through projects and clean up tasks for my team. When I encounter a task that is assigned to someone else and I know that they have completed the task in real life, I will click “complete” on that task in Asana. When I do this, the person to whom that task was assigned gets a confusing email notification.

The title of the email is “ASSIGNED TO YOU: [task name].” In smaller print below, it notes that I have “completed” this task on the particular date. However, several of my teammates regularly get very confused by the message–they think this is a new task being assigned to them (which is understandable, since they’ve just received an email titles “ASSIGNED TO YOU”). Please change the wording of that email notification–particularly the title of the message–to make it clearer that the task is complete. Thanks!

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Hi @Zachary_Goldman and thanks for raising this issue, I can see why this can be confusing for your team. Since this is not a Bug but rather a Feedback, I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the #productfeedback category so our team can keep this is mind and change the wording of this email in future updates. Thank you so much for your help!