when assigning tasks to Today post to top of list in My Tasks not bottom of list as is current behavior

Every day I have a long lists of tasks to which I’m assigned. I organize sections in My Tasks with the most important sections on the top. As I assign additional tasks from elsewhere in the UI of Asana and assign them to myself and mark them for Today they are unfortunately automatically added to the bottom of my list in My Tasks instead of at the top of the list. This makes it less convenient and more time-consuming to scroll to the bottom of the list to identify the recently added task and move it to the appropriate section within My Tasks.

Desired Behavior: For newly created tasks that are set to Today place them at the top not the bottom of the list in My Tasks.

Hi @Bill_Doerrfeld
So you have sorting on in your My Task view.

Normally regardless of whether when the task is due, when assigned to you it should appear at the top in Recently Assigned.


No I don’t have sorting on. Go thru the exact steps described in my post to understand what I’m pointing out.

I understand your suggestion and gave my vote. Would be great to have a toggle under settings for this. Or another option is to have a heading for new in today. The next action on these tasks is to get then prioritized into today. The fact that they are new or bumped from upcoming/later does not mean they are less important.