When assigning copies to a Task it allows me to do this for multiple teams EXCEPT for the team I need

We just found the ‘assign copies to’ function that allows you to duplicate a task to individuals or even whole TEAMS - which is awesome. Oddly I can assign it to several teams except the one I want it to - is it because there are too many members in it - 34? This is REALLY frustrating.

HI @Arnold_Joo,

This issue might be related to your permissions for this specific team. Is there any chance you’re Guest of the Team? Team Guests typically has only been added to specific Projects in the team but haven’t been added at the team level, so they can’t see all content in a Team.

If you’re struggling to determine whether you’re Member or Guest of this team, feel free to reach out to our support team who will be able to take a look into your account and better advise you on this topic!

No, in fact I think I’m the project owner and my coworker has tried this as well and she is NOT a guest.

I unchecked ‘solution’ because this was not solved.

Hi @Arnold_Joo and thanks for the follow-up.

Could you please provide us with more info about this team in question? Is it public, private to members?

When trying to assign copy to this team, does it appears at all in the dropdown menu? Could you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Looking forward to your reply!

I figured it out. I was using team name ‘YAMD’ and it wasn’t working because our email domain is @yamd.org. The search function wasn’t showing it because there were too many results since all users have a yamd.org email address. I just changed the team name to: Young Audiences of MD and it now works. Thanks.

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Well played @Arnold_Joo and thank you so much for sharing the solution with us!