When a task is finished I dont want to delete but to archive it!



I guess the need is pretty simple: keeping some records on the task that have been completed and their outcome!

Deleting that information is a real pity…



A completed task is not deleted. You can still have access to it by choosing to see completed tasks or all tasks. You can change the view settings at the top right of the tasks list.
You can also use the search bar to find a specific task.


That is actually very good!
I must say: I find asana very good. I have been recommending it around me!


Hey @Mickael_Churet, Michael here from Asana :slight_smile:

@Julien_RENAUD is right on the money!

Asana doesn’t (& wouldn’t!) delete your Task, unless you specifically select the option to delete it. The system merely removes it from view and classifies if as “Completed”. This way your list of Tasks left to do becomes less cluttered and allows you to focus on the work you have left to complete.

You can toggle the sort view filter button at the top right of the List to view either Incomplete, Complete or All Tasks to view all the Tasks in your Project (in one way or another).

Hope this helps!