When a subtask is completed within a task card, the main task card is getting auto archived

When a subtask is completed within a task card, the main task card is getting auto archived. The main task should not be getting automatically archived just because a subtask is being completed.

Hi @Sean_Martin2, thanks for reaching out!

Just to make sure I understand the issue, can you send me steps you are following the experience this issue? for example, are you currently in List or Board view? When you mention that the task is getting archived, do you mean it disappear from the screen or is it mark complete?

Looking forward to your reply! :slight_smile:

I would create a task in board view, create a subtask in board view and assign the subtask to someone else. When the person that the subtask was assigned to marks the subtask Complete it was from their inbox. When they marked the subtask as Complete from the inbox, it would send the main task that it was attached to, from the current column on the Board view automatically to the Archive column but it did not mark the main task Complete. It would be helpful if the main task did not move columns since the main task is not completed. Thanks you for your assistance. Let me know if you need any more clarification.

There must be some Rules or automation running, a task does not change columns like this :thinking: right @Emily_Roman

Thanks for the additional information, @Sean_Martin2!

As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, it seems there is a Rule running in your project that moves a task to another section/column. A task doesn’t change columns automatically, you’d need to create a rule first.

@Sean_Martin2 please click the Rules icon in your project header and verify if you have Rules active in your project. You can find the steps in this article: Rules • Asana

Let me know if you have any other questions or if the issue persists!

There is a "move completed tasks to “done” archive rule but the main task shouldn’t be getting moved to done just because the main task was completed. That rule never moved the main task before and just started doing it.

Thanks for confirming, @Sean_Martin2! In this case, I recommend you to contact our support team so they can investigate this further. When you contact them please share the following information:

  • Project URL
  • URL of the task that was moved
  • Screenshot showing the Rules in your project

I hope the issue is solved soon!