When a project is tagged as a template, make the default "drag task to another project" copy instead of move



Sometimes we want to use only a particular task rather than a whole project as a template. Currently if you drag a task from a project tagged as a template, it will simply move the task into the project you dragged it to into the target project. This makes sense for projects that arnt templates. For templates, the default should be to copy the task, as chances are you want the task to be duplicated.


Hi @Julian_Sutter

I know it’s a couple of extra clicks, but couldn’t you just use ctrl+c and ctrl+v to copy the task over? Or you could create a copy of the task within the template project, then drag that copy over, which would leave the original in place.


Yep, that’s ultimately what I did. But it’s pretty cumbersome on complex projects. How sweet would be it to just be able to drag… :wink: Like picking from a menu at a tapas bar. “I need a bit of this and a bit of that…”