What's the status of a native Asana Mac app?

Mac app PLEASE! We have a large organization and we struggle to justify paying for Asana when it gets lost in web browsers. Whats the hold up here? You have a paying customer waiting to pay for a MAC Asana app…


Another vote for bringing on the native Mac app!


Any info on when the Mac desktop app will be launched??


Our team has just migrated to Asana from Jira and are really loving it so far.

The main thing that I’m struggling with is managing notifications, I really hate getting emails for every little thing.

Since the functionality is so first-class, I’d love to have it as a first-class mac app, specifically for managing notifications for events and everything like that. I don’t have a lot of apps on my mac, but I’d love one to use one from you folks.


Heh actually … I just set up the Asana slack integration and halted my email notifications … so now I’m just getting notifications through slack, which is pretty great, maybe even better than having a desktop app

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Whats the update here?

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Hi @Steven_Pesavento and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

Here is the latest update on this topic: What's the status of a native Asana Mac app?

it doesn’t have to be per se native, but a wrapper of the browser that allow us to open it as a separate app. to not get lost in the browser tabs…
solutions like nativefier don’t work if the OAuth is via Google. That is a shame.
You could wrap the web app into an electron app and deliver it via you website, like whatsapp does.

Please make this possible, the development time for this task is max 1 hour.

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Don’t know if I’m late to the party here, but Chrome has support for desktop PWAs. It’s still behind a flag, but it works like a charm! Navigate to chrome://flags#enable-desktop-pwas, change “Desktop PWAs” to enabled and then save a shortcut to Asana under “Settings” :arrow_right: “More tools”. Check “Open in window” and then drag the shortcut to your dock!

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This is basically the same as @Oscar_Hillestad said above, but I’ve created a document that gives the steps in more detail:

The flags used in my approach are different. Someone with more technical know-how may wish to comment regarding if one approach is better than the other. But I’ve confirmed that the steps in my document work as expected.

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Chrome 73, that was released yesterday, has native support for desktop PWAs (e.g. without the need of setting a flag in chrome://flags#enable-desktop-pwas).

Hello, Have you tried creating one using Web2Desk? PS: We are the team behind it and Asana is among the top 5 apps created using Web2Desk.

Thanks for sharing this great workaround @Oscar_Hillestad :slight_smile: Note that some users have identified a few issues (When running Asana as a Chrome Bookmark App, it is not possible to drag tasks around) but overall it seems to work pretty well!

It is not necessary anymore since chrome allows to create shortcuts for mac!

Agreed. This is another way for people not familiar with this chrome functionality. Just a one-click installer makes sense to them. Also, apps generated via Web2Desk is distributable.

@Felix2 is there support for notifications with Web2Desk?

When is an asana desktop app going to be created? It’ll be so much more useful than having just a website function.

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You should have a look at What's the status of a native Asana Mac app? :+1:


Hi @Alexis_Arlett, welcome to the Community Forum! I have gone ahead and merged your post with the existing product feedback thread to centralize feedback. I hope you don’t mind! Let me know if you have any questions.

Just a note that if you use the Method #3 explained in my document, you do not need to be running the Chrome browser. The stand-alone app will keep running, even if you quit Chrome. This is not the case with apps created as shortcuts.