What's the status of a native Asana Mac app?



True Native. That’s why it takes time to build :slight_smile:


Company of 1500 users here demoing out PM softwares - Asana dropped from 1st to 3rd because of the lack of a native Mac app. +1500 votes


Hey Jacob,

Are you guys getting nearer to an Alpha/Beta? Happy to deal with slightly rough software, I’m in a hybrid roll of ops, software support so doing a little end-user debugging won’t be a problem.


Hi Mike, we are getting nearer to releasing a basic-featured client. You can sign up to be notified about our progress by following the link in my post at What's the status of a native Asana Mac app?


I’ve already signed up to the email list, just hoping to get my hands on something :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Jacom, will your client be able to sync to the Reminders App? Would love this feature.


Subject says it all! Tired of losing track of Asana in my many browser tabs. :slight_smile: Keep up the great work!


Nice idea. It would be great to have an Evernote-like app for a desktop. Maybe it could incorporate both Asana and this community in one place.


Yes, please, Windows / Mac Desdtop app is essential! :heart_eyes:
Hate working on a browser.


@Nikolas_Tilaveridis there is actually a larger thread about that very request. I posted an Windows & Mac app for Asana there: What's the status of a native Asana Mac app?

It is created with nativefier (https://github.com/jiahaog/nativefier)


I agree - this is essential!


Yes, agreed!!!


Hi folks!

Many thanks for your feedback; we already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merge this thread into the main one to consolidate feedback!

Have all a great Monday!


Appreciate the help!


@Marie, while I see a forum for “What’s the status of a native Asana Mac app” I do not see any actual response or status from Asana on this thread. Thank you for continuing to monitor the tread, but I must ask, What is Asana’s status in actual creating this native Asana Mac app or if they even plan on developing it?

Thank you so much


Hi @joshua4 and thanks for the mention! I don’t have an update to share at the moment unfortunately, but I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I do!


Hi Marie. Just checking to see where you have got to re seeking an update. Please can you advise if the native version is actively being considered, if there is a proposal to actively consider it or if it has been considered and is unlikely. Many thanks,


When will Prana be available?


Hi Cyrill,

We don’t like giving estimates since developers (and I am a developer) are often under-estimating. And then we break our promise. Better to underpromise and surprise. I hope you understand. I will say that it won’t be ready in the next month yet, unfortunately.

We see the interest and will pick up the pace.


What’s the status of a native Asana Mac app?