What's going on with a product?

Hello guys!

Have you changed your goals and decided to kill this product? Hope I’m wrong but it’s getting worse with every new update:

– ‘My task’ on the iOS app. Swipes have been disappeared and you didn’t give us any reason why.
– Date pick control. Now we have to click twice during date changing. It’s awful.
– Speed in the browser version. I have a MacBook pro-2018 and the speed is getting lower every quarter. Especially, with a bulk operation.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year :champagne:

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Hi @Denis_Tolstikov, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

We recently implemented a new Grid view on Mobile and an improved Date picker. We’re aware that by doing so, we have removed the ability to slide to complete and now you need to press Enter or Esc to close the date picker. We have shared all feedback with our product team so they can consider these features in future updates.

We also shipped quite a lot of key features this year! You can find them all in our release notes and will do our best to address some key requests in 2021!