What training does your team need the most?


To expand on the post on Future training ideas, I’d love to learn which training topics would be most helpful for your team for our hour-long monthly advanced sessions.

Do you need help on project management, reporting, integrations, general best practices, getting the team on board… Let us know and we’ll work on creating trainings to help your team.


@Kaitie So far I love your trainings and they cover most topics I can think of. I would use these trainings much more intensively with my colleagues if we were on the Premium Plan (I’m still working on that…).

However, from my experience as Asana keyuser in my company I can see two topics that are central:

  1. The beginning: Most users immediately love the Asana UX and are difficult to harness. This is a great danger because very quickly new workspaces, projects, and tasks are created without a proper understanding how our work can best be represented in Asana. And, of course, once the system is running it is hard to change.
    So, maybe you could help in this crucial phase with a training that helps teams to define (on paper) how they actually work and what kind of Asana setup they would profit from. An example from my company: Should finance have its own workspace or should finance be part of all workspaces since everyone has connections with them? Sadly, finance uses its own workspace now and we see now that this is very complicated to handle (and hard to change). A training might help to avoid this kind of wrong planning.

  2. Corrective steps: This is directly linked to No 1. Once a system is running and you feel that it is working “against you” - how can you analyze what went wrong? Do we have too many tasks or projects? Do people make their own rules? Is communication sloppy? Are due dates ignored? Is information missing (very frustrating!)? Is our Asana onboarding not good enough? Do we need more training or workshops?


I think it would be nice to have a seminar on a couple of the high profile integrations like:

  1. Zapier
  2. Instagaant
  3. Google Drive

I brought this topic up previously on Forms for example and I know that Zapier has lots of integrations there. I am sure that @Kaitie could pick a forms manager like Google Forms and teach the basic of creation, submitting and project set-up. My point is that tools for workflow integration could help a broad audience outside the powerful features that Asana has.


I’d second that. I’ve heard Zapier come up quite a lot as a solution to many things, but I’d love a demonstration of how it interacts with Asana. Same with Instagantt. I’ve just started messing around with it, but I’m probably missing a lot of its potential at the moment.


You touch on this in a lot of your trainings, but common conventions is one I would like to see - I’m bringing more executives on board to attempt more of top-down ‘mandate’ of Asana, and thus we need to really build and get people on board with certain conventions.

But it’s hard, in my opinion, to do that myself if no one uses it the way I do - I think one of the very first questions I asked was inquiring about peoples’ conventions for their company usage, etc.

You could use a common entry-level thing like using Asana for meetings or 1-on-1s (another thing that would be neat for a training possibly).

ALSO one for searches and how to use it to track/report and things that would be great for executives or managers. I’ve found that’s REALLY nice for them to have, if they use nothing else they like me to send them searches to favorite.


I’ve just thought of another one. I recently had to be walked through the process of using the API for something that I’m sure was very simple for a lot of people. I would love to understand the API more, so training on that would be ace.


Oh wow good call Mark, that would be really amazing - have a developer sit with them and show how to use it, common issues, etc.


Thanks, everyone! There seems to be a lot of energy around automation apps like Zapier, so we’re going to try to target this in July. I also hear a lot of energy around using the API, and I’ll connect with @Sara on this to see if we can make something happen in that area.