What to do when a task is important to a project, but project itself is not high priority?


Sometimes a task is a high priority for a project, but a low priority for the department/company. For example, let’s say there’s a project called “Purchase Radio Ads from Local Station.”

And there’s a task called “Meet with KCNN, Largest Radio Station In Our State.”

This meeting is the most important thing in the project, so we might want to mark it “high.”

However, let’s say radio marketing represents only 5% of our overall adspend, and we don’t care about it that much.

How do we indicate that the task is important to the project but NOT important to the company as a whole?

My idea is to create two sets of priorities – one for company wide and another specific to the project. But not sure if that’s the best thing to do. How do you deal with this situation?


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That is always a challenge when trying to work out prioritise, when comparing a project priority to the business priority.

You could say that as the Project is of a low priority form the business overall, then making the Tasks of meeting with KCNN important or a high priority wouldn’t make sense. If it is not important to the business overall it isn’t important to be done.

However they way I would handle it would be to seperate the Priorities completely. You should have a way to overall rank your projects from an overall business view point. Probably having each project link to a specific business objective and then ranking them on achieving that objective.

Then Tasks within projects can then be prioritised separately for the benefit of their associated project. That way the assignee can decide if they have two high priority tasks in seperate projects they can then weigh them against the business objectives ranking.

Hope this is of use.


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Or you can find a way to have each task carry their own priority and the project priority.

Solution 1: each project has two priority custom field, one for the project and one for task. The first one is the same for all tasks, the second depends on each task.
Solution 2: use tags in the same way
Solution 3: use emojis in tasks names to show project priority


Thank you for your kind response Jason. I think the idea of prioritizing projects separately is a good one. I will explore this with my team for sure.


Thank you Bastien for your thoughtful reply. I never considered using emojis, but that’s certainly adds another useful dimension to the process.

Just out of curiosity, which solutions of the 3 do you like the most?


It kinda depends on the number of projects and tasks involved. I think I would do a mix of custom fields for priority on task, emoji at the beginning of the project name to show hot projects (like :fire:) and an emoji in task name for hot tasks (:boom:)

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Yes, 2 different priority fields.
I have an important task that must be finished so I can move on to other Projects.
We shouldn’t feed squeezed into a relation database :slight_smile: