What task title icons or symbols do you use?

Do you use a set of symbols or icons or emojis in task titles to differentiate them?

We’re looking to move away from using subtasks and want to somehow visually indicate that certain tasks (in the Project list view) are actually subtasks of another task. (This is basically a workaround until Asana is able to implement the long-requested feature of displaying/rolling up subtasks in the project view. And yes, we already use Section headers and Milestones.)

I’ve started using a down arrow symbol to indicate a parent task and two greater than signs to indicate subtasks (see screenshot). Anyone else using something like this? I’d love to see examples.

Edited to add: I’d love to see all icon examples, even if not related to parent/child tasks.

@Jill_Schoff, Interesting approach! I’ve also at times just indented “pseudo-subtasks” with two or three space characters for a less busy appearance; you don’t necessarily then need even the down arrow.