What methods do you recommend when integrating Slack X Asana? Is there a way to customize project work flow to particular channel in Slack?

My team and I will be using Asana for project management and workflow as we were over-using Slack and losing track of shared documents, decisions, sourced files, etc.

We won’t be losing Slack, but we might want to integrate updates of the workflow pipeline, but fear it might make Asana redundant or it might annoy or complicate staff member’s notifications.

What’s been your experience integrating Asana with Slack? Pros and Cons?

Please recommend any best practices to avoid while our team adapts to Asana! :pray:

Hi @Ais_Robinson and welcome to the community!

It’s admittedly a bit controversial but you might want to take a look at this thread:


Thanks Phil for the mention!

You should be afraid Slack will be made redundant :stuck_out_tongue: