What is the best way to store documents in a structured format?


In addition to creating a project with sub projects I wish to create a document structure that mirrors each sub project workstream like


What is the best way to do this?

If I am understanding you correctly, you want to put resources in a project. You could create a separate project dedicated to housing your resources. Afterward, you could multi-home resources (tasks) by adding them to whichever project you are wanting to.

Hi Tim. Thanks for your quick response. I basically would love to create a structured document repository. I believe what you are saying is create a project called something like ‚ÄúDocument Store‚ÄĚ and in this create tasks for the domain material and sub tasks for the actual docs. Is that correct?

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Hi @Paul_Graham, agree with @Tim_Maggio, you can multi-home tasks that include documents or any resources in a ‚ÄúDocument Store‚ÄĚ project. See steps to multi-home tasks in this Guide article.

I hope this helps!

Yes with one correction. I would recommend staying away from subtasks for this project probably unless it becomes necessary. I would use sections and then any relevant documents as the tasks.

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