What is the best way to organize teams in large organisation

HI, at the moment I have 24 teams in my Asana, while my employees will have just a couple, but I need at this stage to have an overview in all teams and have the ability to comment on tasks, and review them.
I’m overwhelmed as there are so many teams for me to look at.

If there was a way to control permissions of the project level I could have only 6 projects, but because the team determines the permission I need to make smaller teams that its reach to a stage that teams are the projects and projects are tasked… very messy for me and gone out of control.

Does someone have a best practice method to manage the teams?

Thanks in advance,

My first impression was “whatever the amount of teams or projects, you should never have to go through them one by one, something must be off”. To avoid having to go through everything, you can use a couple of things:

  • be added as a follower on important tasks you need to look at. Not all tasks. Just some.
  • use the reports (advanced search saved) more to just look at what’s important
  • ask your project leaders to use the project Status to report weekly on progress
  • use Portfolio for high level follow up

Instead of many teams you could have less teams and within projects private to only the project members. That might make it easier for you to manage.

What do you need to look at exactly? Overall progress? Or details on everything?

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HI Bestien, Thank you for your help!
I need to see details on everything at this stage until I have more managers/ Project leaders, as at the moment the majority of this is managed by myself.

I was wondering if it is better to have each department in the business as a separate worksapce so everything is a bit more neat and tidy?

That would be a terrible idea because you would have to switch between workspaces, and any collaboration cross department would not be possible.

To answer your initial question, Asana does not have a central location to see all tasks or all projects or all comments. You’ll have to dig through everything yourself.