What is Bevy?

A couple teammates today received prompts to allow Bevy to access their information from Asana this morning and are not able to log in without allowing it. Can’t find any information anywhere about what it is.

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This doesn’t explain why it’s prompting them and why they can’t log in, but it looks like Asana uses Bevy to power their community events program:


Hey Michael,

Thanks for the question. As @Phil_Seeman mentioned above, Asana’s events are powered by Bevy :muscle::sparkles:

We use the Bevy platform to host events and give folks a simple way to RSVP and receive important updates through their Asana login. By logging in through Asana SSO, the person will be prompted to authorize the platform to grab a name and email address for the account. If you’d rather not use your Asana account to login, that’s okay too! You can easily create an events account by visiting asana.com/events, clicking “Login” in the upper right corner of the screen, and then select “Create Account”.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.


This is a very stupid problem. We’ve had a staff member prompted to allow Bevy - an app we’d never heard of for months since having multiple staff login to Asana through asana.com every business day since September - and upon having the usual suspicion applicable to such a strange request, we decided not to allow the unknown app. The next Asana screen then had the hide to tell us WE had decided to cancel the login, and so the staff member had to begin to attempt to login again, only to have it fail multiple times and then be told upon attempting to reset her password that it was not the same password as the one for her Asana account. She had made no attempt to do anything other than get her main Asana account to work! Why was she now looking at an Asana login screen for something else? Then, going to Asana.com on another browser tab, she found she was already logged into her account. At what point had the login occurred? Was it exactly when Asana said we had decided to cancel the login? People have better things to do than endlessly spend time trying to log in.


Hi @JCB, thanks for the questions! Unless they’re interested in attending events with Asana (our free workshops on getting the most out of the product or our free panel discussions about productivity and planning), your colleague shouldn’t need to log into our events website in order to access their own Asana account. The account in necessary since many of our workshops are interactive and we invite you into our Asana space to experiment with us. Since an invitation must be sent, we need an email address – preferably one that’s already using Asana so you don’t have to create another account. It’s also good to have a contact in case of a cancellation or change in date/time.

The Asana single sign-on (SSO) through Bevy is just meant to make things easier for folks – with one less password to remember! There’s zero requirement to use the “Login with Asana” on our events site if you’d prefer not to. If you’d like to create an account and RSVP to events, that will work just as well!

Bevy is a trusted tool that Asana uses to manage our events around the world. You can learn more about Bevy and their other trusted partners on their website here: https://www.bevyhq.com/

Hi Kimberlea. We have no interest in Asana events, had never heard of it, nor of Bevy, have never attempted to log in using any different Asana events login page, and have no idea what or where the Asana events website is. We have no idea what or where the SSO through Bevy is, and have no idea how Asana thinks that obstructing the normal login process at Asana.com with a prompt to allow an unknown app, followed by an indication that login has failed, makes anything easier.