What if tasks with an end date showed up for "Today" until their end date, instead of getting bumped into the future?



So I’m trying to use date ranges more because they are useful for a lot of reasons, but it’s annoying that they are sorted by their end date when I look at My Tasks because it creates the illusion that I don’t have to work on them yet, which is not true. I feel like this creates an incentive to use date ranges for broader tasks that can then be broken into more discrete subtasks with specific dates attached, which is possibly a good practice, but that’s not always the way things work, and so I wonder what it would be like if instead, any tasks with a date range that includes today would just be sorted to the end of today’s list, like a recurring task that doesn’t have to be checked off or regenerated, it just hovers at the edge of the list faithfully like a little puppy, reminding us to give it pets after our more urgent work is done…

Love, Kynthia

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