What has happened to the "Advanced actions" option on the task overflow menu?

I just noticed today that there is no longer an “Advanced actions” option on the task overflow menu, which I was very surprised to discover. This is something I use pretty regularly especially to move existing tasks into another parent task, which seems to happen pretty often here as tasks/projects become a bit more involved further subtask organizing tends to be inevitible.

Hey @Dave_Marshall it was just redesigned a bit

To mark a task as a subtask of another you can locate it via the 3 dots at the top right of the task. Then go to “Convert to”



Thank you!!

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We’ve been using Asana to plan out marketing campaigns. We use 2 different projects, “Editorial Calendar” and “Marketing General”. In “Marketing General” we plan out campaigns in the form of tasks. In “Editorial Calendar” we plan out the posts for each campaign in the form of tasks. This, gives us the ability to keep collaboration for each post separate from the collaboration for each campaign. We could see each post’s image, all at once, when looking at the “Editorial Calendar” in board view. Super efficient and helps keep conformity between posts.

We can’t do this anymore since the “advanced actions” option changed. Doing the "convert to " > “subtask” is deleting the “post” task from “Editorial Calendar” the moment I make it a subtask to the campaign it’s for. We no longer see all the posts all at once. Instead, you now have to go to the “campaign” task, individually click on each “post” subtask, back out, click a new one, and so on. I cannot figure out how to link the two tasks without combining them.

How do I associate the post task with the marketing campaign task without removing the posts from the editorial calendar?

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