What happened to the "Undo" ability after submitting comments?


It’s no longer shown in our Asana.

Google Chrome
Version 65.0.3325.146


I noticed that today too (also using Chrome) but I just went over to the little drop-down arrow next to the “like” button and you can click the dropdown and it has an “undo” in that little menu. So, no longer right next to the comment, but for me it is still there! @Michael_B


@Michael_B what you’re probably seeing is product interface testing, as Avery suggests. :slight_smile: You should be able to see undo using the dropdown carrot, but please let us know if you aren’t able to.


Just popping in to say that I see undo sometimes, but actually not all the time - and also I just saw this little fellow pop up

EDITTTTTTTT?! So they’re probably floating some testing around, but yay I’m watching it with great interest.


This is disappointing for me. Now I can’t use Asana to be a source of truth. Someone can go back in time and remove actions on a tasks or promises made. Accountability is un-enforcable without immutable records and it seems Task “stories” don’t (yet) audit such edits either. I love I can edit my posts, but I should only be able to edit if there are no other posts from other users after mine. Oh well, early days I guess. :pensive:


Interesting choice to roll this out half-baked and with no notice.