What functionality does Zapier add to Asana

I’d like to understand how Zapier adds functionality to Asana?

  1. Integration with Trello and Asana; how exactly do these two behave with one another. ie. we have an outsider using trello board and we use Asana, so can replicate the Trello as an Asana project, can they both work independently with chats, tasks but also add each activity change in each others board?
  2. Integration with Gmail > what functionality does it add in Asana?
  3. Integration with Salesforce > what functionality does it add in Asana?
  4. Adding automation to Asana, ie. can it enhance some of its limitations such as multi-homing, creating sub tasks using the original task?
  5. Any information will be greatly received.
    Thank you.

Welcome, @Elizabeth_Guzman1,

That’s a pretty broad question, but you can get specific answers by looking at pairs of applications at the Zapier website, like Asana and Gmail, simply by using their Explore option.

For example, with a URL like https://zapier.com/apps/asana/integrations/gmail:

you can see all triggers (events that can be used to kick off an automation) and actions (the steps to take as part of the automation) for both Asana and Gmail in this case.

You can similarly answer your other questions this way.

Simple automation recipes can even be chosen to use for common scenarios, but I think you’ll find more complex ones, like keeping two apps in sync completely will be a challenge, particularly without any integrations experience.

Also, be sure to see the pages at

which provide overviews of existing integrations with Asana, some quite comprehensive.

Hope that helps a bit at least,


Thanks so much, I know it was a broad question, I’m trying to understand how Zapier enhances Asana’s automation and integrations, I’ll read through your recommendations and instructions and come back to this forum if I need assistance – which I know I will.
Kind regards

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Maybe my post will help The Asana automation bible: all the triggers and actions from Asana, Zapier, Flowsana, Make.com

Hi Bastian, unfortunately, your link does not allow me access. I’m also confusing everyone as I’m using two emails, but I did try from both.

Kind regards


Sorry the link was broken, fixed!

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