What Email System,operating system and hardware do you use

Many of you know that I developed the Outlook to Asana integration called Sendana. A number of people don’t use a PC and Microsoft Outlook. It would be interesting to me what email system you use, whether you use it on your desktop or in the cloud, your operating system and whether your a PC, MAC, mobile devices most of the time or other.


Here is what I use.

Windows 7 with office 365 (My Clients corporate locked down)
iMac with Mac Office and no desktop email client.
MacBook Air. Google Inbox as email client. No desktop email client.
Phone. Android (Nexus 6p) Only use the Google apps including inbox for email.


Windows 10 with Outlook from Office 365 and 2016.
iPad Pro and iPhone 6s with iOS’s default Mail app
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Android’s (or Samsung’s? not sure) default Mail app

All of which are connected to my corporate account.

Oh and sometimes I access it via web using Chrome, Safari, MS IE, or MS Edge.

Mac 10.12

Inbox by Google

Apple all the way…

  • MacBook and Mail.app
  • iPhone and Mail.app

MacBook and Mail.app

iPad Pro and iPhone 6s with iOS’s default Mail app

MacBook pro, macOS Sierra, I exclusively use Google Inbox

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MacBook Pro - Sierra- I just started using Polymail for my work addy. I kept everything in the mail app too, including my work stuff just in case.

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