What Documents are you comfortable saving in Asana and HIPAA Compliant Storage Options


I have always been curious about what types of documents users feel comfortable uploading to Asana from their computer (not third party ie google drive, dropbox,…). but wonder if people feel comfortable uploading things like bank statements, financial statements etc.

I would assume that Asana may not be HIPPA compliant for patient records uploaded by the “Upload From Computer” option but it appears that Asana does link to other HiPAA compliant services.

Are medical professionals using Asana with the third party HIPPA compliant services and if so are there things people should know?

So I am posing two questions, please feel free to comment on either/or or both.

Client Privacy, HIPAA Compliance
Client Privacy, HIPAA Compliance

Hi @James_Carl ! I’m reaching out to my team to see if I can get you any info on this!


After doing a bit of research what I understand is that yes, Box for example is a HIPPA compliant service. We do have clients that would presumably leverage Box for this reason. Otherwise, I’d refer you to our security documentation, which I’m sure you’ve already looked at. :slight_smile:


Thanks, it is my understanding that Dropbox is also.


Interesting question @James_Carl. Working with children who have critical medical conditions, we have strict protocols in how we share that data within our own organization. Therefore, we do not upload documentation from our computers to Asana. However, projects may contain basic amounts of information about a child whose family has chosen to be publicity eligible (these are simple details such as name, ethnicity, age, medical condition, and some photos and/or quotes) in other words, nothing we wouldn’t post on our website or social media.


Great info. Because Dropbox and Box are Hippa compliant how do you feel about using there links


We use Dropbox for sharing files with external sources and to receive photo files from constituents. But really we haven’t had much of a need yet to link Dropbox to Asana for project/task use.